Le parole fanno un effetto in bocca, e un altro negli orecchi. (Alessandro Manzoni, da I promessi sposi)


Privacy, Plagiarism ...

Some of you may be wondering why we're not working on Blackboard, which is the tool you've been using up now.

We're not working on BLACKBOARD for different reasons: first, I am not able to use it well and I haven't had the possibility to work on it yet; second, I think that blogger is really user-friendly (and it seems easier than a normal blog); third, I want you to explore different tools which may be useful for your language learning... and you will be able to use them outside university learning environment.

Therefore, BE CAREFUL to what you decide to write... feel free to write whatever you want (in italian!!!) but please remember that anyone can read what you write. I assure you that blogging can be an wonderful way to improve your Italian but... it could be a double-edged sword if you don't use it properly. So, don't post anything harmful and don't post plagiarised things without putting your sources (the same must be said for images and videos). Since you are NOT FORCED to do anything it would be quite useless to post something plagiarised.

I am here for all of your questions,

Ciao ciao :)


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